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Amish Life
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Welcome to the Amish Land!

The Amish are a group of devout, hard working, and unquestionably ethical people. The Amish number less than 200,000 individuals, and reside in family groups across the United States and Canada. Though commonly known as the, "Pennsylvania Dutch," the Amish have their roots in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany beginning in the early 16th century, subsequently, migrating to America to escape oppression beginning in the late 17th century. The Amish are not a "cult," nor do they live in communes. Rather they are families believing in, and following, a common religion and a set of rules. They reside in a local community and congregate for their mutual benefit. It is rather impressive how tightly knit their communities are, and how they come to the aid of one another throughout their lives.

Traditionally, the Amish adhere to a set of conduct and rules, as set forth by a fundamental and literal interpretation of the Bible. The Old Order of the Amish strictly adhere to these interpretations, whereas other sects believe in a slightly less strict interpretation. Modification to the original strict interpretations, and subsequent rules, are determined by agreement of the religious elders and congregation.  The congregation prepares an Ordnung, that sets forth more day-to-day contemporary standards of conduct. Depending on the religious order that any Amish may belong, their conduct and beliefs may be rigidly orthodox or quite liberal. If orthodox, the congregation will strictly adhere to the practice of "shunning" any member who greatly violates the established rules of conduct.  For example, they will prohibit their photograph from being taken, and will refuse to use electricity, electrical appliances, and modern machines. The movie Witness, actually filmed in Pennsylvania, accurately depicts the essence of the more moderate Amish.

Regardless of their Order, or the strictness of their congregation, all Amish reject violence in any fashion, and will never drink liquor. Their dress will always be restrained, and their tone of voice will always be reverent and reserved. Homes, like their farms, will be simple yet very clean.  Planted flowers will adorn vacant space, and hanging plants will cascade from overhead porch hooks. Domestic pets will usually run free about the yard or farm, however; farm animals are relegated to their fenced enclosures. Most Amish live and work on their own farms. Those without farms work on other Amish farms or for the 'English,' which is the Amish term for non-Amish Americans.

The Amish, as a general statement, are quite reserved but friendly. They are also extremely hard working people, and are devoted to family and friends. Their "dawn to dusk" work ethic, in particular, is most impressive. It is not uncommon for an entire congregation to gather en masse to assist one of their own, whether to plow a field, complete a harvest or even to construct a barn. All the work is done with cheerfulness, because the belief is that should the time arise that an individual needs a helping hand, it will be given with no questions asked, and no repayment demanded. Work will only be performed 6 days out of the week. Sunday, per their religious teachings, is strictly a time for rest and prayer.

Preparation of any individual in the Amish way of life begins as soon as the child can perform any useful work. From the very beginning, the father, mother, and older siblings teach the younger children the chores. Such chores may be gathering eggs from the farm's hen house, feeding the horses or cows, sweeping the house, or washing clothes. Completion of chores goes without saying, they are done as a matter of life. Play and reward come after the work is done.

Adolescent boys and girls are permitted a certain latitude to 'bend' the established rules of conduct. This includes dating and experiencing the "outside" non-Amish world until such time that each takes a husband or wife. At that time, the individual must make a choice to return to the Amish fold, and join the family's church, or live outside the fold. The choice is voluntary. If the choice is made to stay and live by the rules of the Ordnung, then the individual's life, and that of his new family, will be according to the Amish ways. This choice perpetuates the family trade, or working of the farmland.

In this way, by initially helping his or her parents as a child, then experiencing the outside world and consciously returning, an Amish adolescent gains experience and life skills. Particular skills of a craft are handed-down from one generation to the next. Amish pride themselves on their craftsmanship, and the quality of their manual skills. These valued traits are quickly learned and passed along. As a result, the master carpenter's skills are completely replicated by his children, and passed to future generations for hundreds of years. It is not uncommon to find a young man in his early 20's constructing a chest, table, or even a bird feeder with the same skill level and attention to detail exactly as it was done 200 years earlier!

All of the items we sell are hand made in the USA by skilled artisans located the "Amish Country" of Pennsylvania. No two items are exactly alike.

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