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Hand-Made Custom Crafted Bed Quilts from the Amish Country of Pennsylvania
Hand-Made Custom Crafted Baby Quilts from the Amish Country of Pennsylvania
Hand-Crafted Heirloom-Quality Bird Houses
Hand-Crafted Heirloom-Quality Bird Feeders
Authentic Amish Custom Crafted Bat Houses
Hand-Crafted Custom Made Cedar Chests and Pie Safes

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Welcome to our Wish List Page

Have you ever wanted something unique, made just for you or a loved one, made to your specific design?

Do you have special requirements that you would want to have included in your quilt, bird house, bird feeder, etc.?

Do you want something that you just can't find, or that we don't specifically list on our site?

To coin a phrase, "We can do that!"

Send us a description of your special heirloom by fax or e-mail. We'll investigate what it takes to create your one-of-a-kind heirloom. Within two weeks, we will respond back with a price and an estimated completion date.

Simply contact us via fax at: 610-692-2883, or if you prefer
via e-mail at:

We can make...
      Custom quilts, bird houses, bird feeders, butterfly house, key cabinet, baseball and softball bats, crocheted afghans, bedspreads and table cloths, embroidered pillows, decorative lighthouses, desks, tables, chairs, armoires, beds, hutches, night stands, rocking horses, slate wall plaques, wooden sculptures, foot stools, coat racks, children's toys, miniature carved toy trains, children's blocks, wicker and grape vine rockers, chests, planters, trellises, and much, much more...

Proudly made in the United States of America

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